Sep. 27th, 2011

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I'm masque1223. I've changed the name of the other person so as to not incriminate them. The link is to an article where a boy masturbated himself to death.

(03:49:23 PM) (name withheld):
(03:51:06 PM) masque1223: yeah, you've told me about it before, with a different link. i think it was you, anyway
(03:51:25 PM) (name withheld): yep
(03:52:29 PM) (name withheld): at my peak, I never even came close to that.
(03:53:35 PM) masque1223: well, the standard has been set.
(03:54:25 PM) (name withheld): fatally so
(03:55:45 PM) masque1223: well, the runner of the first marathon died, too. now thousands of people do so every year without major consequences. he just had an inadequate training regimen
(03:56:03 PM) (name withheld): LOL
(03:57:21 PM) masque1223: if the olympics can deal with synchronized swimming and figure skating, i see no reason why it can't include events to show off sexual prowess, in multiple categories
(03:58:44 PM) masque1223: it might even engender healthier attitudes towards sex and tolerance of those with some of the more creative predilections
(03:59:25 PM) masque1223: better than this kid dying in vain. let's make him a pioneer
(03:59:32 PM) (name withheld): and thanks to you, I just conceived of synchronized wanking as an Olympic sport.
(04:00:14 PM) masque1223: has more of a useful purpose than synchronized swimming, that's for damn sure
(04:00:21 PM) (name withheld): heh
(04:01:11 PM) (name withheld): that's it, the Pornlympics.
(04:02:13 PM) masque1223: nah, fuck that. besides, they already exist. no ghettos for sexual events. put them in the real olympics, make people acknowledge that it's just as athletic, and should be respected
(04:02:58 PM) (name withheld): The only difference is, winners finish last.
(04:04:47 PM) masque1223: in some events, sure. but i can see others where time isn't the only consideration. distance ejaculation, men and women's events. orgasm intensity, measured with brain scans. there's a whole swath of areas to excel at
(04:05:15 PM) (name withheld): Heh. "And he stuck the landing!"
(04:05:23 PM) masque1223: yep
(04:05:35 PM) masque1223: relay races could be fun
(04:06:06 PM) masque1223: i mean fuck, it's more traditional. the olympic games originally had competitors in the nude
(04:06:56 PM) (name withheld): too true


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