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I'm selling off a chunk of my library, books my wife and I (mostly me) no longer need or want. I still have a handful to add, but the biggest chunk is done, thanks to the bookmobile app on my android phone. The list can be perused here:
Generally speaking, I'm looking to sell at 25% of the cover price, but that is negotiable, especially for people buying a lot of books. Either comment to claim books, or email me at:
nyarlathotep23 at gmail dot com.

Also, here's what's available that's not on the Google list:
Full Runa-Raven list (plus out of print Llewellyn titles) with prices:
Llewellyn titles:
Book of Ogham, Edred Thorsson (first edition), retail $12.95, my price, $3.25
Northern Magic, Edred Thorsson (2nd print), retail $12.95, my price, $3.25
Rune Might, Edred Thorsson, (3rd print, signed, albeit "For Keith")
retail $9.95, my price, $2.50

Other titles:
Secret of the Runes, von List, tr. Flowers, retail $12.95, my price, $3.25
Secret King, Flowers, retail $18, my price, $4.50
Magic of the Norse Goddess, Karlsdottir, retail $20, my price, $5
Studia Germanica, Flowers, retail, $17, my price, $4.25
Rune-Poems Vol. 1, Flowers, retail, $17, my price, $4.25
Wendish Mythology, Flowers, retail $9, my price, $2.25
Johannes Bureus and Adalruna, Flowers, retail, $11, my price, $2.75
Rune-Song (plus tape), Edred, retail $20, my price, $5
Ibn Fadlan's Travel Report As It Concerns the Scandinavian Rus,
Flowers, retail $8, my price, $2.
Synagogue of Satan, Przybyzewski, retail $15, my price, $3.75
1957 Mabinogion hardcover, Gwyn Jones tr., $4
Gideon Bible hardcover, $1
Simon Necronomicon paperback, $1
von Eschenbach, Parzival paperback, $2
LaVey Satanic Bible paperback, $1
Rig Veda hardcover, $5
1918 Morals and Dogma Scottish Rite Masonry hardcover, $5
de Lubicz, Her Bak, 2 volume trade paperbacks, $10 (for both)
Regardie, The Golden Dawn paperback, $7.50
Lewis, The Screwtape Letters paperback, $1
Portable Nietzsche paperback, $2
Temple, Sirius Mystery trade paperback, $5
Wilkinson, Symbol and Magic in Egyptian Art trade paperback, $5
Galembo, Vodou, Visions and Voices of Haiti oversize paperback, $5
Time Machine 11, Mission to World War II, $1
Adams, Life, the Universe, and Everything, $1
Adams, So Long and Thanks For All the Fish, $1
Rice, Interview with the Vampire, $1
Zukav, Dancing Wu Li Masters, $1
Houston Texans 2007 and 2008 Media Guides, $1 each
San Diego Chargers 2008 Media Guide $1
Boeke and De Benedetti, Gameface, Kickass Guide for Women Who Love Pro Sports, $4
Covolo, Margo's Football Guide for Women, $4
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 3 part graphic novel adaptation, $6 for all 3.


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