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Re-reading Hermetic Magic, I got to the part where Dr. Flowers explains his progression of vowels up the tree, leading to the Crown (Stephanos, heh), and that was frustrating me because I don't like the shape of his tree, and I don't like the path his vowels take, either. Either late last night or early this morning I figured out a way to use my preferred paths and allow the vowel path to lead to the Crown. Basically, I have a Middle Pillar path of A, E, and H, then starting from Eros I and O make a left hand path via Sophia, and Y and Ω make a right hand path via Nous. This way, I have 3 vowel paths, symmetry, and Gnosis is centered nicely between the trident ascendents.
I also like how the alternate O sounds are the ones that veer off, along with the long vowels I (ee) and Y (uu). I will simply assign the consonants in order in the blank paths, as I work my way up.

Perhaps it's not as elegant, mathematically, as Dr. Flowers' version but aesthetically, it suits me much better.

(Note: Dr. Flowers' version is slightly different from the one I posted the other day, he switches Sophia and Nous, renames Agathosyne to Eros, Arche to Stephanos, and Themelion to Arche Aionas. The description above refers to that version, for now. Eventually, I'll have a really nice version of my final form drawn up, at which point I will post a picture.)

Otherwise, I continue to do additional research, have been reading some of the Enneads and Corpus Hermeticum online at , those will have to do until I can get my hands on more authoritative translations, and later, versions in the original Greek.
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